Dr David Paul

Learn Step by Step how you can become a consistently winning Forex trader using the same methods and systems that are used by professional interbank traders in the City of London.

The www.traderdavy.com Forex trading workshop is a LIVE trading workshop, which trades the forex market as it unfolds. Each week has a unique structure and each trading day has a specific cycle and time of the day where the prospect of a move should take place. Over the last 10 years David Paul has mapped out this structure and has devised a set of trading set-ups which predict with a great deal of certainty explosive moves in the forex markets. These set-ups have been taught and well received by institutional traders and private traders in both South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Each seminar delegate will have access to a fast wireless Internet connection and will be encouraged to trade the set-ups as they come up. New traders may wish to get the feel of the analysis on a demo platform while more experienced traders may wish to take the trades on a live account.

The Forex market has rules of its own and this means that much of the technical analysis used in the stock market does just not cut it in Forex. This is something that the new Forex trader finds out very quickly.

There are three types of trades taught in the workshop:

1. Short term trades which last for a few minutes to 30 minutes. They will typically risk 20 points to make 20 points and have a very high hit rate. These can be taken all through the day but the most reliable of these occurs each morning at 600 GMT. Each morning at this time we can expect a very high probability trade in the Euro $ and Pound $ which will be concluded by 630 GMT. Many may be content with this and conclude that they need nothing else in forex and spend the rest of the day on the golf course. Many examples of short-term trades will occur during the day for those traders who are happy to sit and watch the screens.

2. Session trades are those, which last for a few hours. There are three trading sessions within the day namely, the eastern, the London and the US session. Again these session trades setup all day but again there is a very reliable session trade that occurs each morning after 630 GMT. This trade has an 80% hit rate and a risk to reward of 2 to 1. It's like printing money. The session trades are placed via orders on the market maker. This means the entry, stop and target are placed in advance which overcomes many emotional hurdles. This trade is David Paul's bread and butter trade and it is all anyone needs to become a consistently winning trader. It is worth the price of the seminar many times over. When you watch the market tick to the target over and over again you will see why. Session trades come up in all three periods of the day for those again who are happy to sit at the screens. The session trades are normally viewed on a 60-minute candle chart and the set-ups on these tend to predict moves, which will last two to three hours. The entries and targets are all preset and a strict money management system is detailed and taught in the workshop.

3. Swing trades in the forex market typically last for two to three days. Here the four-hour candle chart is employed to initiate such trades where the risk to reward is above 3 to 1. I firmly believe that the “Big Money” is in the four-hour chart. The money is hard won in that sleeping for many with an open position proves difficult. The Four hour chart prints a new candle at 000 GMT, 400 GMT and 800 GMT. Practically this means that the trader need look at their charts in the morning, at lunch time, in the afternoon and before bed to make decisions. In trading the four-hour chart staying out of the way and letting the market do its work is important. “THOSE MEN WHO CAN BE RIGHT AND SIT ARE UNCOMMON”. These are the words of a famous trader of yesteryear. Technically the set-ups used in the swing trades are identical to those used in the session trades save that they are applied to the four hour chart rather that the 60 Minute charts. There should be no problems in building swing trading profits and holding down a full time job as well. In fact the latter may help the tendency to take profits far too early.

Invest two days and I will give you the tools to generate a regular income from the forex markets forever. The tools are simple and have been refined over the past 10 years to give crystal clear entry and exit signals. In all save the short term trades the entries and exits are preloaded on the trading platform. If I can help answer any question then please email me at davidp@traderdavy.com