Dr David Paul

Dr David Paul was born on the 19 July 1955 in Northern Ireland. He attended the Rainey Endowed School where he also played rugby for the first team. After his schooling he attended the Queens University of Belfast in Northern Ireland, where he did a BSC degree in mechanical engineering and in 1981 completed a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

He played top class rugby in London during the late 1970's. He immigrated to South Africa in 1981 and played for the then Transvaal rugby team during the 1980's. He was Head of Engineering research for Boart International, which was an Anglo group company.

In 1988 he started his own engineering companyŚmanufacturing mining tools, which he sold in 1992. He then joined Progressive Systems College in January 1993. The latter specialised in stock market education. He took over the management of the Rivonia branch in 1996 and was invited to the board of directors in 1997. During this time he developed the Peak Performance seminar and the Forex Trading course.

He resigned as manager in 2000 and started trading the Forex market, intra-day, while lecturing for Progressive Systems and others on an ad hoc basis. He sold his share holding in Progressive Systems in January 2003.

He is a self-employed equity, futures and Forex trader and presents seminars to all levels of traders. He has developed courses and specializes in short-term trading in futures and Forex. In addition he presents a course on developing the mindset necessary to win. The futures and Forex course are taught in a live trading room and the trading methods are taught while the market under examination is up and running.

Since 1993 he has researched every possible method of consistently removing points from the actively traded markets. He has attended hundreds of mainly US based conferences and has participated in many. He has distilled a novel approach to trading markets, which are a composite of all he has been taught and discovered in the last 25 years of study. These methods have been presented and have been well received by experienced traders in both South Africa and the UK.

The trading approach has been used in training of many listed South African banks. These are:
Investec | Nedbank | Rand Merchant Bank | First Rand | ABSA | Development Bank of Southern Africa l
Unemployment insurance Fund of South Africa

In January 2009 he joined forces with Tom Hougaard to start the www.whichwaytoday.com live trading room which now had an 18 month profitable and fully recorded trading history.

In 2010 he was so impressed with the performance of VectorVest UK, that he started VectorVest South Africa and is currently the Managing Director of that company